Sirpa Rautio
FRA Director Sirpa Rautio addresses EU Justice Ministers during the EU's Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting on 23 July 2024 in Budapest. The Director focused on AI and its use in the digitalisation of justice.
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for FR
FRA took part in the 10th EU human rights dialogue with Indonesia hosted by the EU External Action Service (EEAS). FRA’s joined the EU delegation at the request of new EU Special Representative on Human Rights, Olof Skoog.
On 8 and 9 July, FRA delivered training during a seminar for defence lawyers organised by the European Academy of European Law (ERA) and co-financed by the EU.
FRA joined the first day of the EU Summer School organised for Luxembourg-based EU institutions on 9 July.
Job Title
Head of Unit ad interim
Corporate Services

Xavier Català is the ad interim Head of Unit for Corporate Services. His professional career began in a private sector consultancy, managing the accounts and other fiscal and administrative tasks for several Seconded National Experts. In 1993, he joined the European Commission in Brussels, where he worked for eight years, always dealing with financial and coordination issues. In 2001, he was seconded to the European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR) in Thessaloniki, where he held various positions (budget officer, accountant), ending as Head of Unit for Finance. In 2009, he joined FRA in Vienna, where he has mainly dealt with Finance and Contracting issues. He also served as interim Head of Unit for Administration between 2016 and 2017. He has a university degree in Management in Tourist Enterprises.