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FRA human rights cities framework presented to European cities

On 3 May, FRA gave the European perspective during a panel discussion on the work of a human rights city during Lund’s sustainability week.

The city of Lund, which became a human rights city in 2018, was among the cities involved in the development of the FRA framework for Human Rights Cities in the EU. Speakers highlighted how being a human rights city can help make human rights work more systematic. It can also stimulate collaboration with civil society and a research centre or university. Discussion emphasised the usefulness of the framework for aspiring human rights cities and to foster new cooperation between cities.

On 6 May, FRA presented the framework to a group of Polish cities. The webinar highlighted the importance of cities to integrate structures and tools to support human rights implementation. Participating cities stressed the need for funding and the challenges they face related to people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

The webinar was the first of a series of webinars organised by the Polish association of municipalities to help build human rights capacities in cities.

FRA also spoke at a Europe Day session organised by the Bologna City Council on 9 May, as part of the EU Diversity month.

The Mayor of Bologna, Matteo Lepore, highlighted the importance of protecting people’s rights and the rights of minorities. He also re-affirmed Bologna’s commitment to human rights and innovation. At the event, FRA spoke about the interconnections between equality, diversity and human rights. It also highlighted the key role of human rights cities as laboratories for innovation in the localisation of rights.