Human rights education at Holocaust memorial sites across the European Union: An overview of practices

This handbook examines the role of Holocaust memorial sites and museums, drawing on findings from the FRA project 'Discover the past for the future - A study on the role of historical sites and museums in Holocaust education and human rights education in the EU'.

Most European Union (EU) Member States have memorial sites and museums that both preserve the memory of the Holocaust and encourage visitors, in particular young people, to reflect on current human rights issues. In this handbook, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) provides examples of the various ways in which memorial sites link the history of the Holocaust to human rights, ensuring that the past resonates in the present and its lessons are brought to bear on difficult contemporary issues against its backdrop. The report offers a sampling of educational programmes at selected historical sites and museums that either address human rights directly or approach, in a more general way, the dignity of human life and the equality of all human beings.

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