Minorities in selected newspapers of six EU Member States

Working paper on the FRA pilot project examining representations of minority groups and related issues in the press in six Member States.

As part of a pilot project, FRA examined in 2008 methodological issues related to a multilingual analysis of media content. The pilot project looked at representations of minority groups and related issues such as racism, discrimination, diversity, integration and migration  in the press in six EU Member States - Germany, France, Hungary, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. The overarching aim of this project was to explore methodological approaches that could make a transnational analysis of media content possible, while taking into account the journalistic traditions and socio-cultural specificities of Member States of the EU. A parallel objective of the project was to raise awareness among media professionals as to how minorities are represented in the media, to foster dialogue between them and civil society actors and to contribute to the development of training programmes for media professionals.