Consolidated Annual Activity Report of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights - 2017

The Consolidated Annual Activity Report (CAAR) 2017
provides an overview of the activities and achievements
of the European Union Agency for Fundamental
Rights (FRA) in that year. It follows the guidelines of
the European Union (EU) Agencies Network.

FRA is one of the decentralised agencies of the EU. These agencies are set up to provide expert advice on a range of issues to EU institutions and EU Member States. FRA provides the EU institutions and EU Member States with independent, evidence-based advice on fundamental rights, with the aim of ensuring full respect for fundamental rights across the EU. To achieve this goal, FRA performs the following main tasks:

  • collecting and analysing information and data;
  • providing assistance and expertise;
  • communicating and raising awareness of fundamental rights. 

The agency fulfils its tasks by implementing activities within the thematic areas of its five-year Multi-annual Framework (MAF), which fall under the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, to strengthen the protection of fundamental rights in the EU in light of societal changes and progress, and scientific and technological developments.

FRA carries out its task in consultation and cooperation with its partners. This allows the agency to:

  • define its areas of work to ensure that its research responds to specific gaps and needs in the fundamental rights field;
  • ensure that its advice and research reaches policymakers at the right levels of government and EU institutions;
  • develop communication, multimedia and information resources based on FRA’s Stakeholder Communication Framework Strategy to raise awareness and bring knowledge of fundamental rights to specific target groups and to European citizens in general;
  • share expertise, coordinate research in different areas and work with its partners to communicate its advice to the EU and its Member States. This allows FRA to create synergies, make the most of its resources, and support other bodies by delivering clear opinions on how to improve fundamental rights protection.