Guardianship for unaccompanied children - A manual for trainers of guardians

This manual is designed to help institutions, organisations and individuals to train guardians of unaccompanied children or to deliver ‘train-the-trainers’ courses. It can be used in a range of training contexts, such as professional and academic training, on-the-job training and continuing training. The manual is based on human and fundamental rights principles and ethical standards and recognises that the child and the guardian have their own personal stories, resources and capacities. It enhances guardians’ confidence to promote the child’s rights and best interests. It also enhances their confidence to act independently and impartially in relation to different state
officials, service providers and other community members.

The manual guides the trainer in delivering the course, adapting it to the specific national and local contexts in which the training takes place. The parallel web-based learning platform for guardians of unaccompanied children, built on Moodle, complements the manual. It is an online resource with presentations, videos and exercises. It supports distance learning and allows trainers and participants to access additional material through the digital platform.

To access the online learning platform, see the FRA e-learning website.