Coronavirus pandemic in the EU - Fundamental Rights Implications: Vaccine rollout and equality of access in the EU - Bulletin 7

This Coronavirus Bulletin focuses on equitable access to vaccines. It outlines the situation in the 27 EU Member States from 1 March to 30 April 2021. The bulletin looks at two main areas: planning and prioritisation in deploying Covid-19 vaccinations and their rollout in the countries. It covers information and communication campaigns, as well as (pre)registration channels for and the administration of vaccinations.

The bulletin highlights how deploying vaccines is essential for lifting restrictions on fundamental rights that the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights enshrines, such as the freedom of movement, the right to engage in employment and the right to education. Ensuring equitable access for all in the EU to an affordable (free) vaccine as early as possible is in line with the principle of non-discrimination in EU law.