On 17 February, the European Commission expert group on children and migration met to discuss guardianship for unaccompanied children.
FRA Director was on mission in Brussels from 9 to 11 February 2022 to speak at the conference “Safeguarding fundamental rights in the digital age” organised by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the European Commission, DG Justice and Consumer Protection.
The recently appointed EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, Diane Schmitt, visited FRA on 27 January.
Les tuteurs sont essentiels pour garantir le bien-être des enfants et la prise en compte de leur intérêt supérieur. Cependant, l’Union européenne (UE) et ses États membres continuent de faire face à de nombreux défis pour assurer une tutelle complète et efficace aux enfants non accompagnés qui arrivent en Europe, d’après le dernier rapport de l’Agence des droits fondamentaux de l’UE (FRA).
This year is European Year of Youth. FRA supports this important initiative to listen to and engage with young people across the EU. We will continue to regularly meet youth representatives to address their concerns and give them a voice through our evidence and data.
Michael O’Flaherty
Human rights are the preeminent pathway towards achieving that shared goal of people of goodwill in the context of the technological revolution. Adopting a rights-based approach to this great project is not just legally required, as is the case here in the EU, but it is also axiomatic, a compelling matter.
The recently appointed EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, Diane Schmitt, visited FRA on 27 January.
FRA will take part in the third meeting of the European Commission’s Working Group on Equality and Values in Education and Training.
The Fundamental Rights Forum 2021 was the space for dialogue on the human rights challenges facing the EU today. In this video, participants talk about the challenges of fundamental rights in the digital age.
On 9 February, FRA will give a virtual presentation to the students of the master course Intercultural communication and European studies at Germany’s Fulda University of Applied Sciences.
On 8 February, FRA will contribute to a high-level panel discussion during the closing of the Winter Academy.
FRA joined discussions during the plenary session of the Council of Europe’s Steering Committee for child rights. The session covered the rights of children in migration.
The French Presidency of the EU invited FRA to the informal meeting of Justice Ministers in Lillle.
FRA will speak at the 2022 Winter Academy on ‘human rights go local: what works’.
On 1 February, European experts from the European Commission, academia and civil society organisations meet to discuss ways of improving criminal proceedings for children who are in conflict with the law.
FRA will take part in a WHO expert meeting on psychological intimate partner violence.
On 26 January, FRA gave a presentation on measuring non-discrimination and equality through surveys at a meeting of the Praia Group Task Team on Non-Discrimination and Equality.
The online data explorer from the Roma and Travellers survey is now available.
In this vlog, FRA Director Michael O'Flaherty highlights the need to work together to tackle hate and discrimination in our societies.
On 21 January, FRA took part at a conference on border management in Vilnius.